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Winter Wear from Homeware Essentials

Homeware Essentials offer a year round range of everyday essentials for the home and much more.  They also do a fine line in seasonal offers of which this is an excellent example.

Gainsmore members benefit from up to 7 weeks' credit as well as an extra 1% discount off their statement.

Three deals to choose from - Pick the deal to suit your store.

When the cold bites, they sell...
We distribute hundreds of gloves and hats displays across the UK and Ireland every year.
Add theme, range and revenue to your store with our number one bestseller.

Deal 1   - FREE metal Stand!
TOTAL DEAL COST:   £494.04 + VAT (£59.06)
TOTAL RETAIL:          £927.00
P.O.R 40%  (including free stock)

Deal 2   - FREE metal Stand!
TOTAL DEAL COST: £356.28 + VAT (£41.59)
TOTAL RETAIL:          £642.00
P.O.R 38%  (including free stock)

Deal 3  - FREE 10 x 8” EURO HOOKS
TOTAL DEAL COST:   £189.60 + VAT (£16.42)
TOTAL RETAIL:          £330.00
P.O.R 37.5%  (including free stock)

Click the image for more details or follow the link below to have Homeware get in touch with you!

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