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December Promotions from Barrs

Save your lumbar and get these fantastic promotions delivered directly to your store!

Non-promoted stock from Barrs is delivered to Gainsmore members at the 40 case rate regardless of your spend saving around 3.5%

These promotions aren't available at the casn & Carry and what's more they deliver them to your shop for you!

There are 14 pages of offers including:

  • Multibuy Everyday PETs (B 5 G 1 F)
  • Special on Everyday Cans
  • 4 for £12 on 2Litres
  • Multibuy of full price lines (B 10 G 1 F)
  • 2 cases of Rubicon Street Drinks for £7
  • 3 cases of Sun Exotic for £17
  • PMP 59p Rubicon at £6.75 per case
  • And another 11 pages of other offers!

Click on the image for the full pdf of the promotions of follow the link below to have Barrs get in touch with you.

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