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January From Consort

Each month Consort publish their Promotional Brochure and January '19 is out there already.

24 pages of offers of every hue.  But there is more.  Consort can help you with POS and equipment and have an easy on-line ordering system too.

What's more, Gainsmore members benefit from great discounts and a handy monthly credit period. You get to sell before you pay!

A few highlights from the 24 pages of promos this month are:

  • Chicago Twin Pizza on a Buy 2 get 1 free! £24 of free stock,
  • Magnum Vegan is here! This is predicted to be huge in 2019 so get it before the others do
  • 4 Walls & Froneri Impulse season starters to fill your freezer on the best deals you’ll have access to all year.

To see all the amazing deals click on the image.

To get Consort in touch with you to deliver some of these super deals, just follow the link below!

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