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Beware of this scam.

4th January 2019. by Megan Humphrey,
Retailer urges vigilance following ‘perfect scam’

A retailer in Erewash has been left frustrated with their local police force following what they described as the “perfect scam” in their store last month.

A juvenile stole £50- worth of cigarettes and tobacco from the store counter during a card transaction being made by an accompanying adult.

The retailer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told RN: “An adult came into the store with a juvenile and asked for cigarettes and tobacco.
“During the card transaction, the juvenile with a hood on reached over and took the goods and walked out. The card was then declined.”

The adult pleaded innocence and remained in the shop while the police were called.

To read how this scam unfolded please follow the link.

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