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Williams Winter Sale

The Winter Sale from Williams of Swansea is now on!

Gainsmore members get great discounts on non-promoted lines, but you get the handy statement and up to 7 weeks credit when you use your Gainsmore account!

See below for more details.

The Wiliams of Swansea Winter Sale brochure features deep discounts up to 48% on a huge range of products - 32 pages of them!

It includes:

  • Notebooks
  • Refills, invoice and receipt books etc
  • Binders and Wallets
  • Sticky tape, glue staples, pins etc
  • Pens of all description
  • Coloured pencils, crayons and kids activity lines

And loads more!

Have Williams get in touch with you by following the link below or tell your rep you want to take advantage of the special discounts and transfer your account!

Click here for more information

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