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Hot Cross Bun Loaf from Warburtons

Fantastic seasonal product to add interest & value the Bakery Category over the Easter period.  In store from Monday 28th Jan 2019.

Gainsmore members benefit from a 19.5% Discount!

This seasonal loaf will be available over the Easter period for 12 weeks from 22/01/19.

Warburtons full range of bread and bakery products is a must for the serious convenience retailer!

There is so much more than your dairy man or the Cash & Carry can offer.

In addition to the regular range which includes:

  • Sliced white, brown and half & half loaves
  • Sliced Premium and price-marked loaves
  • Breakfast and tea time treats
  • Sandwich alternatives
  • Rolls
  • Gluten Free Range!

To get Warburtons in touch, just follow the link below.

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