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Easter from Mr Kipling and Cadbury's

There are some exciting new opportunities this Easter from Mr Kipling and Cadburies cakes available from now until April.

A full range of cakes from Premier Foods including the Mr Kipling and Cadbury's ranges is available at great discounts through your Gainsmore account.

There's a Mr Kipling Core pack refresh and two new lines to compliment a range of favourites.

Triple Chocolate Slice
Lemonade & Elderflower Slice

RSP - £1.50

Full Cadbury Easter Range

Proposed New Cake Selection 12pk

  • Mini Egg Choc cakes x2
  • Choc Mini Rolls x 2
  • Caramel Cake Bar x 2
  • Vanilla Cake Bars x 2
  • Raspberry Mini Roll x 2
  • Roses Orange Cake Bar x 2

Also available: New WIGIG 8 Pack Caramel Mini Roll

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