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Consort March Promotions

Consort Frozen Foods continue their promotional programme with the issue of their March 2019 brochure.

Gainsmore members benefit from excellent discounts on regular orders as well as up to 7 weeks of credit! 

A few highlights from the 32 pages of promos this month are:   

  • The Walls Buy 10 get 3 free (pg 8) is still  going and is still the best Unilever impulse deal you'll get all year.
  • NEW Pukka Pies. (pg 32) PM Pukka Pies on a buy 2 get 1 free.

   ******* Great Deal - great product!*********

To see all the amazing deals click on the image.

To get Consort in touch with you to deliver some of these super deals, just follow the link below!

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