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March 12th 2019. ACS 


ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has responded to the Government’s latest consultation on tobacco track and trace regulations, reiterating concerns about the short lead times for implementation.

The consultation asks for views on the enforcement activity that will be introduced to police the track and trace system. In addition to concerns on the timeframes, ACS’ submission seeks clarification on the process for deactivation of identifier codes (which would effectively stop a retailer from selling tobacco in their business) if the regulations are breached.
Under the proposals, retailers could lose their economic operator identifier code (which covers the whole business, not just the premises) if they have done any of the following:
sold illicit tobacco on three or more occasions within any 12-month period, and as a result illicit tobacco has been seized
failed to rectify their non-compliance after being issued a compliance notice (for example, a retailer has not applied for a code)
a conviction for selling illicit goods under the customs and excise Acts
received a penalty exceeding £10,000 for selling illicit goods within the last 12 months
not used their identifier code in the last 12-months

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