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Spring From Delice de France

Delice de France (part of Arytza Food Solutions) have produced a mouth-watering brochure full of new products and treats to delight a huge range of your customers.

Gainsmore members are 10% better off than independents when buying from Delice de France through their Gainsmore account.

Packed with 32 pages of scrumptiousness, the spring catalogue comes with these highlights:

  • Page 2 - Sourdough boule (thaw and serve)
  • Page 4 - 3 x potato rolls (fantastic products for breakfast baps)
  • Page 6 - Puff pastry swirl (basically a croissant but in the form of a carrier which can be turned into rolls, the taste is fantastic)
  • Page 12 - Almond and choc filled croissant (margarine based croissants so are cheaper than the butter based equivalent but the taste is just as good)
  • Page 25 - Cheese twist (a much better tasting,more substantial eat than the previous cheese twist)
  • Page 29 - Meatballs (great for sub rolls)
  • Page 30 & 31 - Sweet and sour chicken, beef stroganoff, egg fried rice & Chip shop chicken curry (great for any one offering a serve over concept)

Click on the image to see the full brochure or follow the link below to get Delice De France in touch with you right away!

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