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Seasonal Promos from Kardwell

Stationery, toys and cards supplier Kardwell Hobbs Distributors has 3 seasonal promotions on the go.

In addition to these competitive promotions, Gainsmore members benefit from great discounts on everyday purchase from Kardwell including 35% off all cards!

Not one, not two, but three promotions are currently live from Kardwell Hobbs.

1 For your stressed teenage punters there is Exam time.

  • 20 pages packed full of deals and offers

2 For families intent on having sun-based fun, there's the Xtra Toys promotion.

  • Deflated Footballs
  • Buckets
  • Spades
  • Holiday Essentials

3 Finally, for retailers restocking their shops there is the Post and Pack promo.

  • 8 pages packed full of all your packaging needs

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