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May Promos from Consort

There is no stopping our favourite south east based Ice Cream and Frozen Food supplier, Consort!

Every month they have a bumper issue of promotions and this month is no different.

Gainsmore members benefit from up to 7 weeks' credit and a standard advantage of around 2.5% over an independent.

As with each month there are almost too many promotions to choose from.  Maybe we wouldn't bother, but after that cracking Easter weekend down in the south east, those Ice Cream freezers might be a little on the light side.

So check out:

  • Froneri - Buy 4 get 1 FREE!!
  • Walls - Buy 5 and get a Magnum Classic FREE
  • Ben & Jerry's - 1/3 off case price promo

We could go on all day, but just click on the pic and see the whole thing for yourself!

Get Consort in touch to start buying through your Gainsmore account now by following the link below!

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