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Consort July Promos

Every month Consort Frozen Foods produce a comprehensive promotional brochure with pages upon pages of hot deals for the independent!

While there is no extra discount for members on these deals, there is still up to 7 weeks' credit and all standard price product will attract enhanced discount.

Even if the weather isn't giving you much to smile about we hope that the deals we've negotiated on your behalf do!

Nearly every page has either free stock or a price reduction! thus providing you with a greater cash margin and POR.

We'd particularly like to draw your attention to:

1. Magnum £1 Caramel Nuts bar only £10 a box 60% POR
2. The chance to save £5 of Ristorante Pizzas

In addition there is an opportunity to win a Samsung HD Smart TV (page 19) and a Nintendo Switch (page 21) and on page 24 we'll give you some FREE freezer gloves when you buy one of the specified McCain's products.

With the summer holidays starting in July make sure you have what kids love and what parents want to buy for their families; stock up on impulse & take home ice cream, chips, pizzas and fish products.

Click on the image to download the whole brochure or follow the link below to have Consort get in touch with you asap.

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