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Delice de France offers THE BREAKFAST BUNDLE DEAL

Aryzta Food Solutions offer a Breakfast Bundle Deal under their Delice De France banner.

Gainsmore members benefit from a 10% discount as well as your usual massive credit period of up to 7 weeks!

Delice de France have just launched an amazing Breakfast bundle deal, designed to give you great Breakfast offerings at great margins

If you order code 848936, for £130 you will receive;

  • 1 case of sausages,
  • 2 cases of bacon,
  • 1 case of omelettes,
  • 1 case of scotch morning rolls
  • 1 case of the light potato rolls

Everything you will need to make 140 different, finished breakfast offerings.

Click on the pic to download the PDF showing you the deal, along with margins, Posters and SELs.

If you don't already trade with Aryzta through Gainsmore, follow the link below to get them in touch or transfer and existing account!

Click here for more information

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