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New from Ling for Christmas 2020

Purveyors of beautiful greetings cards, Ling Design have produced a collection of distinctive and unique greetings cards to help you capture the magical spirit of the festive season.


Capture the magical spirit of the festive season in one collection of distinctive and unique greetings cards.

This year our collection truly has the perfect card for everyone - as well as a broad selection of boxed cards to suit all budgets and styles.

For 2020 we've also made significant steps towards improved sustainability by reducing plastic in boxed cards, saving 3.5 tonnes of plastic waste and maintaining product integrity for a better display in store.

Our 2020 collection highlights include:

New stationery wallets from The Curious Inksmith with eight cards in two stylish, contemporary designs. A variety of inspired new looks from the Talking Pictures design team, including black & gold Manuka.
A varied selection of fresh and loveable looks across open, relations and occasions. For 2020 we've saved 3.5 tonnes of plastic by removing acetate lids from our range of boxed cards.

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