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Energizer Battery FSDU

Supreme Imports, the UK’s leading battery and lighting distributor has a number of cracking deals to allow you to offer your customers striking displays and great value over the festive period.

Gainsmore members benefit from up to 7 weeks of credit.

Supreme Imports are delighted to be offering these Energizer pre-filled battery display stands, available for September delivery!

There is a CDU with 24 x 8pack of AA Alkaline Batteries, or there is a choice of 2 FSD units each with 108 cards of 8 + 4 special packs offering the consumer a 50% extra free point of difference.

The RRP is a competitive £5.99, but there is also the opportunity to sell through with a "2 for £10" offer and still make competitive 43% POR.

For full details, contact your rep, or to have Supreme Imports get in touch with you, click on the link below.

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