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Consort October Promotions

South East based frozen food Wholesaler, Consort Frozen Foods have released their October promotional catalogue.

Gainsmore members benefit from great discounts across all ranges and, of course your average of 5 weeks of credit and one simply monthly payment.

With Autumn closing in and the future uncertain as to the nature of socialising & eating out with friends, more and more people will be looking for ways to enjoy meal time with family and if possible a few friends.

Therefore not only is there a wide selection of meals, pizzas & chip products on promotion, but we’re also pleased to bring you a BRAND NEW product, the Shalvanos Combo Pizza Meal, see the advert on the opposite page. We are sure that this will appeal to those looking for a Saturday night ‘takeaway’ style meal.

Add into that the Ben & Jerry deal on page 12, Magnum Pints page 14 and the other ice cream take home deals (pages 13,17 & 8) and you’ll be able to offer your customers the perfect evening in meal.

While we're here, don't forget there has been massive growth in Quorn and Vegan ranges look out for the Quorn lines.

To see the full brochure, click on the image or follow the link below to have Consort get in touch with you asap!

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