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Winter is Coming from Williams

Williams of Swansea have their Christmas Essentials promotions out and about, and here is just a taste of what's available.

Gainsmore members benefit from up to 7 weeks of credit as well as great discounts off non-promoted lines!

These products are from the Christmas Essentials catalogue.

This little selection will brighten your sales in these darker months!

  • 28 LED Compact Torch/Work Light
  • 24 LED Work Light 18
  • 9 LED Torch - Rubber Grip - Black
  • 12 Duracell Alkaline - AAA - 8pk
  • 10 Duracell Alkaline - AA - 8pk
  • 12 Panasonic Zinc - AAA - 8pk +2 20
  • Panasonic Zinc - AA - 8pk +2

Buy all the items to achieve the carriage paid minimum and make over 31% POR!

Click on the image to see the the prices and follow the link below to have Williams get in touch with you

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