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Household Essentials from Williams

Williams of Swansea has it's Christmas Essentials catalogue out at the moment, but it isn't toys and tinsel!

Gainsmore members save administration and bank charges as well as benefitting from up to 7 weeks of credit when they put their Williams purchases through the system.

As part of their winter promotional program , Williams are drawing attention to various selections that meet their minimum drop requirement and can be purchased as a standalone deal.

This selection of household essentials from the Christmas Essentials catalogue includes:

  • RA1516 Household Candle Pack of 5
  • RA1517 Tealight Candles Pack of 20
  • RA1515 Foil Roasting Tray 443x323x70mm
  • RA1601 Duracell Alkaline AAA 8pk
  • RA1602 Duracell Alkaline AA 8pk
  • RA1605 Panasonic Zinc AAA 8pk +2
  • RA1606 Panasonic Zinc AA 8pk +2 

This deal costs £153.34 at trade and gives an overall 31% POR at RRP (total £227.72).

To see the full picture click on the image. If you want Williams to get in touch with you follow the link below.

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