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Thank Teacher with Card Connection

Consignment greetings card operator Card Connection have released a range of Thank You Teacher cards 2022.

Gainsmore members benefit from an additional 2.5% discount bringing them up to 17.5% off the wholesale price.

And not only do you only pay for what you have sold, you pay for it up to 7 weeks later with Gainsmore.

For the first time in 3 years children have been able to enjoy a full school year in their classrooms and this summer families from across the country will want to extend their thanks to the many thousands of teachers that have helped their children grow and develop their learning and education.

In Northern Ireland the summer term wraps up around 30th June and the next day on 1st July in Scotland. In England and Wales state schools finish later in the summer around Friday 22nd July but don’t forget private schools also have longer summer holidays so it’s important to ensure your customers can pick something up conveniently towards the end of term.

To support the demand for thank you cards over the coming weeks, Card Connection has a fantastic range of Thank You Teacher designs as well as generic thank you cards. Don’t forget those linked sales of bottle bags and gift bags needed for the bottles of wine and presents that children love to give to their teachers on the last day of term.

Click on the image to see the thing clearly and follow the link below to have Card Connection get in touch with you asap!

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