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Beech's Chocolates - Too Good to Miss

Gainsmore supplier Beech's Fine Chocolates are keen for more of you to try their wares.

Buy through Gainsmore for great prices and up to 7 weeks of credit.

Beeches Fine Chocolates are a family owned independent British confectionery manufacturer with over 100 years of experience!  They use only natural ingredients and traditional techniques to produce the finest chocolates you've ever tasted!

Beech's are the natural way to extend your confectionery range in a premium direction, great all year round but particularly so over the festive period. Your efforts will be rewarded with PORs in the range of 50-60%.

Best sellers are always the 90g fondant cream range, chocolate brazils and dark chocolate ginger.  Ginger is the best seller overall and Brazils are close at Christmas, especially as they are likely the only producer of enrobed milk and dark Brazil nuts this Christmas!

Click on the image to see their full range or follow the link below to have Beech's get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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