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Even when there is the on-line world to get your information from, many of us still like to read stuff in the traditional way

The independent sector is well served by an active trade press, and what ever sector you find yourself in, there is probably a specialist magazine that exactly covers your field.

Here at Gainsmore we subscribe to

  • Convenience Store
  • The Grocer
  • Forecourt Trader
  • Independent Retail News
  • Retail Newsagent

all are read from cover to cover each issue.

Convenience Store, Retail Newsagent and IRN are the ones most angled at the independent, as the Grocer tends to cover more of matters concerning the major supermarkets. Forecourt Trader is very much what it says on the tin, covering a wide range of topics that are really only of interest to the fuel retailing community.

A number of these magazines have on-line editions. Most of the news items we publish here are those we have found on their sites. These sites can be found on the Gainsmore useful links page.