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The new way of smoking.

An alternative, high margin product for your smoking customers. It's cheaper for them, but with margins typically over 40% it's at least 6 times more profitable for retailers.

No Tar

No Tobacco

70% Cheaper

Legal Anywhere.

Things are moving on with manufacturers talking about 2nd and even 3rd generation products. E-liquids are the growing category within the whole of the E-Cig Category in 2013 & 2014.

• It is Estimated that there will be 2m E-Cig & E-Liquid users in the UK in 2014

• Number of users are expected to keep growing as many ‘normal;’ cigarette users ‘covert’ to E-Liquids

• E-Liquids popularity stems from the growing flavours which are now available from me Apple to Watermelon

• E-Liquids are available in differing strengths and a 10ml bottle is equal to approx. 200 ‘normal‘ cigarettes.