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Whether it’s Just To Say I Love You, or for that Belated Happy Birthday Wish, there is a card for every occasion. The independent trade, however, needs to stick to just a few key messages. With them, and a prominent display, it can make the most of this category.

If you are merely stocking cards as a distress item for your regular customers and the odd passer-by you may well wish to consider the CONSIGNMENT route to market. This is a pretty unusual method, and in our experience, almost unique to greetings cards. The supplier will often supply free-on-loan display equipment and then fill the fixture with what they deem to be a suitable range and then leave you to it. The marvel is that they don’t invoice you until they return! When they do come back, usually in 4-6 weeks time, they only invoice you for what you have sold. This means no risk to you, no hassle on choosing a range and no money tied up in stock. Brilliant, eh?

The only drawbacks are a narrow range, reduced margin and potential lost sales from empty pockets if a popular design is sold out before the local rep returns.